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  • Arrival

    Arrival by public transport

    The FAN FEST EURO 2024 takes place on the Theresienwiese. You can get there easily by train. All underground stations around the event site are equipped with lifts.  

    The nearest stop is the underground station "Theresienwiese" (U4/5). You can find a map illustrating this here.

    Please note that public transport can be very busy on the day of the event. 

    If you arrive at the central station by U-, S-Bahn or long-distance train, you can reach the event site in about 20 minutes on foot. 

    You can find out whether the lifts are working via the Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft (MVG) here

    Arrival by car

    For those arriving by car with an official disabled parking permit, there are disabled parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the event site. You can find a map illustrating this here.

    The disabled parking spaces are signposted coming from the south towards Theresienwiese. 

  • Ticket purchase

    Ticket purchase

    You will need a regular ticket for the FAN FEST EURO 2024, which you can easily purchase via our online ticket shop.  

    Wheelchair users are exempt; they will receive their ticket with access to the platform via: Wheelchair users who do not wish to use the platform can also purchase their ticket regularly via the online ticket shop. 

    If you have a "B", "H" or "Bl" on your Schwerbehindertenausweis, you can take a companion with you to the event free of charge - they do not need their own ticket. 

    You can find out exactly how this works under "Admission". 

    International guests who would like to bring an accompanying person free of charge and have the equivalent of a Schwerbehindertenausweis, please send us a short e-mail: 

  • Registration


    If you already have a ticket, we would be delighted if you could fill in the form below. Here we ask you for some anonymised information so that we can better plan our measures for a barrier-free event.

    This enquiry is voluntary. Even if you do not wish to complete the form, we look forward to welcoming you to the FAN FEST EURO 2024.  

    Here  you can find the registration form.  

  • Admission


    To get into the FAN FEST EURO 2024, you can simply use our regular admission. This also applies if you are bringing an accompanying person to FAN FEST EURO 2024 free of charge. All you have to do is show your ticket and your disabled pass with the relevant disability mark at the entrance.  

    To avoid long queues at the entrance, people in wheelchairs and people with walking difficulties can also come to one of our counters. These are steplessly accessible. 

    To get to the entrances and counters, you can simply follow the signs on site.  

    If you have any questions about tickets, admission or visiting the FAN FEST EURO 2024, please contact us by email: or call our hotline: + 49 40 743 05950 (Mon. - Fri. 11:00 - 15:00 / free of charge) 

  • Event site

    Event site

    The FAN FEST EURO 2024 takes place outdoors on the Theresienwiese. The site consists mainly of gravelled areas and is criss-crossed by asphalt paths.  

    Depending on the weather, the area may be sandy, muddy, or stony in some places. 

    Cable bridges will be laid in places for the event. We endeavour to install flatter cable bridges on the main paths to make the paths more pleasant for you. However, this will not be possible everywhere on the site.

    In general, however, there is usually always an alternative route to avoid cable bridges. 

    As the FAN FEST EURO 2024 takes place on a large open space, there will only be limited shade or shelter in case of rain. Please bear this in mind when planning your visit to the event. 

  • Viewing Platform

    Viewing Platform

    There is a platform in front of the stage for wheelchair users with a maximum of one accompanying person.  

    The path to the platform is at ground level and mostly asphalted. The platform has a ramp.  

    There are also wheelchair-accessible mobile toilets for our guests with disabilities in the immediate vicinity of the platforms. 

  • Sanitary facilities

    Sanitary facilities

    On the event site you will find wheelchair-accessible sanitary stations with water-flushed sanitary containers.

  • Medication


    You can bring your medication to FAN FEST EURO 2024 without any problems. A doctor's certificate of necessity ensures that you can bring prescription medication onto the event site.

  • Food & Beverages

    Food & Beverages

    Drinks and food may not be brought onto the event site. In addition to bars and food stands, you will also find free drinking water stations on site. 

    However, if you have a doctor's note confirming that you need special food, you can bring this onto the event site. 

  • Light effects

    Light effects

    It is possible that strobe and light effects are used in the shows, which can lead to epileptic seizures in some people.

  • Information on site

    Information on site

    During the event, our Infopoint is the contact point for our guests with and without disabilities. You can drop by here at any time with questions or problems.

  • Security


    Our security service is there to help and advise you. If you feel uncomfortable for any reason or need help, please speak to our staff, recognisable by their red waistcoats. The first-aid service is also on site and can help you at any time.   

    In a medical emergency, call 112 - if you don't have a mobile phone, ask others to make the emergency call or speak to a staff member. 

  • Guide dogs

    Guide dogs

    To protect your pet and other visitors, assistance dogs are unfortunately not permitted.